Людмила Тарасова

  • преподаватель английского языка и IELTS экзаменатор;

  • стаж преподавания 23 года в России и Канаде, а также работа со студентами из многих стран мира онлайн;

  • отличные отзывы и прекрасные результаты

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Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening

Academic and General Modules

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Опыт работы

  • Экзаменатор IELTS (Speaking, Writing), Санкт-Петербург, Россия; Торонто, Канада - 17 лет

  • Преподаватель английского - Санкт-Петербург, Россия; Торонто, Канада - 23 года

  • Личные результаты IELTS Academic: 9.0, IELTS General: 9.0

  • Член ассоциации TESL Ontario

    • Юрий Гриценко, y1grytsenko@gmail.com

       I took 3 IELTS exams over the last years and never managed to achieve higher than Band 7.0 in Writing and Speaking. With the help from Liudmila, I managed to get Band 7.5 and 8.0 for Writing and Speaking respectfully. Taking into account that I took only 6 classes, I sincerely believe that this is an evidence that Liudmila is a top-notch tutor. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone wanting to improve his/her results in IELTS exam.

    • Анна Берманberman.anna8@gmail.com

      Liudmila is an excellent IELTS teacher. She can find the best strategy to teach according your English language knowledge in order to achieve required IELTS score. She is a very patient and proffessional tutor. Her lessons are not boring and motivate you to learn better. I highly recommend her to everyone who needs to prepare to IELTS test.

    • Виктория Осолинская Victoria.osolinska@gmail.com

      I was lucky to be Mila's student. Mila was referred by my friends as the best teacher, and they were right. She is an excellent tutor and a very kind lady. Mila can help everybody: it doesn't matter if you have just started learning English or you need a higher score at IELTS.

    • Светлана Беловаbelova.drawing@gmail.com

      The best tutor in my life! Incredibly intelligent and patient. I like my lessons very much and I am looking forward to continuing studying English with her.

    • Ольга B.Skype: helgavolsu

      I took about 16 lessons and I am really happy with my results, thanks to Liudmila! She helped me to prepare for IELTS Writing and I've got 7.5, even higher score then I expected. Liudmila is a very experienced and professional tutor and she is also an extremely nice person. Highly recommended!

    • Юлия

      I had just a week to prepare for the writing part of IELTS and needed 7.0 to achieve my goal. Liudmila explained to me the essential points of the IELTS essay such as structure, style and essay types and gave me enough time to practice. Her essay correction service helped me to identify the common mistakes and to improve my writing. I managed to get a desirable IELTS result in writing, and I highly recommend Liudmila's lessons to everyone

    • Роман Абрамов

      Mila has a lot of experience of teaching. She is an extremely pleasant and obliging person. I loved her classes because she is always attentive to her students. Mila is the best IELTS trainer I have ever met!

    • Катя Б.

      Mila is a great English tutor, she is patient, understanding, funny, and, of course, very intelligent. She does know how to teach people. I feel that it is easy for her to define your weakest points to make them strong. I want to say thanks to her for everything I know about English right now. She helped me a lot. And I'd recommend Mila to everyone who wants to improve their English. It's a right choice, believe me.

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